Goodwin’s script avoids the obvious and expected, and it refuses to settle for easy answers.
— L.A. Times
Canadian director Weyni Mengesha fashions a brisk and beautifully cast production...the interweaving of music and politics within the story makes for a rich tapestry.
— Stage Raw
Bars and Measures is a thoughtful meditation on our preconceived notions and the ways in which we aim to understand each other. The direction by Weyni Mengesha is infused with the energy of the music and she sustains the tension that drives the characters toward their final destination.
— South Pasadena Review

Bars and Measures



A National New Play Network Rolling World Premiere presented by The Theatre @ Boston Court


Two brothers, both musicians. The classical pianist  is Christian. The jazz bassist is Muslim. When Bilal is accused of being a terrorist and jailed awaiting trial, Eric tries to stay connected by pushing aside his own classical aspirations in order to learn big brother's jazz style. Separated by prison bars and religious convictions, the brothers scat and be-bop through their shared language of music. As his brother's trial progresses, Eric becomes disillusioned and struggles to decide if he believes the charges levied against his beloved older brother, or if false accusations make him a beleaguered martyr to a prejudiced, paranoid nation.

The piece, presented as part of the National New Play Network’s “rolling world premiere” program, is well-served by Weyni Mengesha’s provocative and stylish staging.
— Los Angeles Times
Bars and Measures’ strikes the right notes. The play proves intense, and leaves one with a lot to chew over, but its spare direction by Weyni Mengesha lets all these topics shine with a specific clarity.
— San Gabriel Valley Tribune
 Philip Brandes reviews Bars and Measures for the L.A. Times. Click for full review.

Philip Brandes reviews Bars and Measures for the L.A. Times. Click for full review.