...She gets immaculate, razor-sharp performances from her two actors...I was in tears. In part, though, they were tears of joy: delight in a play and production that got so much right.
— The National Post


Tarragon Theatre


AWARDS: won BEST PRODUCTION at Toronto Critics Awards and 3 Dora Award nominations including BEST DIRECTION.

One of the hottest directors in town — Weyni Mengesha — at the helm. Is there anything this young woman can’t direct?
Her handling and choreography of this show are simply immacu-late. The pace and pitch are perfection.
— The Toronto Star
Mengesha’s latest is distinct in style and imagination...the pacing and tone is perfectly pitched throughout. Indeed, the play is so well-directed, you won’t even think it has been directed. Maybe that’s why Mengesha isn’t running everything yet; she lets other artists bask in the light she shines on a work.
— Globe and Mail
In the hands of director Weyni Mengesha and the actors, the thorny discussion makes for thrilling theatre.
— Now Magazine